The Pendeograph is a wall plotter without any size restrictions. It's swing and vibration from control wires give characteristic and interesting effects to the drawing.
Going beyond the existing home-made V-Plotters made by great Makers, developing reliable mechanism and designing further extensions for various drawing tools, we are going to make a tools for the professionals and artists.
We want to make a product with a simple, yet interesting mechanism and having the design that fits in a room like an interior object. We are planning to launch the product in near future...

Rendering of the product concept

Concept Trailer


Masahiko Tanoue | 田上雅彦
国内外の生活の道具をデザインしながら、京都を拠点に、日本のもの作りの未来を探求する。現在URUS.他プロジェクトにて活動中。九州大学 芸術工学部 工業設計学科卒業。
Masahiko designs living products for domestic and international market. Living in the old capital Kyoto, he explores the future of the Japanese manufacturing. He is currently working in several design projects including URUS.
He graduated from Kyushu University School of Design.

Yuske Goto | 後藤祐介
彼のランダムな思考の断片は こちら
Yuske explores the overlapping field between art and engineering. He is good at soldering and German. Fragments of his random thoughts can be found on his website, which nobody really cares. He graduated from Köln International School of Design.

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